Cassandra Green, Wellness Coach


The Saucha Nutrition program has been an amazing journey for me.  When I signed up for it, I had no idea what was involved in the program.  It has been wonderful to be able to put nutrition into more of a perspective of a lifestyle.  It has been a time of reflection and learning.  I am eating the way I have always wanted to eat and without outrageous cravings!  I was a total sweets addict and doing without processed sweets has really not been an issue for me on this program.  It feels so good.  Without the crazy cravings, it has allowed for me to have more sanity and a more relaxed attitude to reflect upon my behavior, thoughts and life.  Cassandra is a wonderful mentor and guide.  She has been there with us through the whole journey.  She has such a passion about everything she does.  She is an inspiration to me.  She has done a great job of combining both the nutritional part and the spiritual part of this that makes everything so new for me.

-Brenda Neighbors, Colorado Springs

I have learned so much about myself and nutrition through the Saucha course.  The cleanse seems daunting, but you just need to take it one day at a time.  After the cleanse I actually felt guilty to eat real food.  It was strange.  But the cleanse truly works.  I no longer crave my carbs, which is huge for me.  I have so much more energy and no longer have those afternoon slumps.  I feel so much healthier.  The support system of all the participants and Cassandra is wonderful.  The glycemic load is a learning process, just like everything else in life.  But it is life changing!

-Dawn Cartellone, Colorado Springs

Participation in the Sauch Nutrtion Program has been a life changing event for me.  It is by far oen of the best investments I’ve ever made.  Not only benefitting myself but my family and all those I interact with.  The change in the way I feel physically has ben pehnomenal.  I feel clean and refreshed.  I have more energy and physical stamina and clarity of mind than I’ve ever experience before.  Not only have I lost weight and inches but so much extra baggage has faded away that I feel positively light physically and mentally.  In addition I have finally made friends with food.  for so long food has been a source of stress and pain.  It has controlled me and caused me mental anguish.  Now I feel in control.  Gone are the uncontrollable cravings, gone is starving to lose wieght just to gain it back.  To anyone who wants to have great balance in their lives–THIS is the way to go!!

-Helena Gray, Colorado Springs


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